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Project Tapping is an online movement led by Carol Look: one of the world’s top Tapping experts, an energy psychology pioneer and a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Our purpose is transformation through education. Through Carol’s home training programs and Facebook page, we share Tapping tips, tutorials and immersive audio exercises with our community of 2000 enthusiasts from across the world.

Tapping is one of the world’s fastest growing personal growth modalities. Hundreds of thousands worldwide are using it to elevate their finances, careers, relationships and physical and emotional health. Because by fusing modern Western science with the ancient Eastern concept of Meridian points, it creates fast and lasting changes in the way you think, act and manifest. The key lies in unblocking energetic points on your body that may have been holding you back from success.

Tapping is so simple and easy to use, you can easily integrate it with your existing personal growth practices like meditation or visualization – and share it with others too. Imagine having the power to help a nervous family member before an important job interview. Give a co-worker a boost of confidence just before a big presentation. Help a friend make up their mind before they put down the downpayment on a house or car.


The exclusive Tapping experience with Carol Look in San Diego, Autumn 2011.

This is the real reason Tapping is spreading like wildfire across the world. You don’t need any prior experience, equipment or skill – all you need to do is set aside a few minutes and follow Carol’s simple steps.

Carol Look was one of the first practitioners to be awarded the title of Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) Master by its retired founder, Gary Craig. She has spent the last 20 years researching an eclectic mixture of classic psychology and energy-related disciplines like Meridian points. In this time she’s perfected her own 5-step Tapping process for getting deep and lasting results – which she’s used to help thousands of people through private coaching sessions, and hundreds of thousands more through her radio shows, books and DVDs.

Even if you’ve never Tapped in your life, Carol’s process empowers you to consistently uncover the source of your subconscious fears and emotional barriers, and effectively Tap them away. And we invite you to experience it for yourself through our brand new home training program, Tapping Into Abundance.

Carol’s inside message on Tapping into Abundance.

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