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Over 21,486 people have downloaded this free audio

So why is everyone talking about Tapping?


In just a few short years, Tapping – or as some call it, the Emotional Freedom Technique – has spread like wildfire to hundreds of thousands worldwide. And once you know how, you too can use it to elevate your career and finances, overcome crippling subconscious fears, and even improve your health and relationships.

Why? Because by fusing modern Western science with the ancient Eastern concept of meridian points, Tapping unblocks energetic points on your body and creates fast and lasting changes in the way you think, act and manifest.

The cherry on top? It’s surprisingly simple to use. Other personal growth techniques can take weeks, even months to get the hang of – but even with zero experience, you can easily tap on your body’s Tapping points… and experience transformational results within minutes.

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Okay, but how does Tapping work? There are two main concepts in Tapping:

1Meridian points

Ancient Eastern science has pinpointed 20 meridian points spread throughout your body. It is theorized that your life energy flows through these points – and that all your fears, emotions and negative charges will accumulate in these points and block them like a clogged drain.


According to Neuroscience, each of your memories are encoded in your brain with an emotional charge. This then creates a neural pathway to signal an appropriate physiological response every time you’re reminded of an experience connected to that memory – like trembling when you’re faced with the possibility of public speaking.

Now here’s where both these concepts come together: By touching your meridian points while reciting specific affirmative statements, Tapping sparks change within you on a cellular level by rewiring your neural pathways and eliminating your negative emotional charges.


Experience Tapping in 5 minutes with your FREE Tapping audio exercise

The Tapping audio exercise that we’ll email to you upon signing up is an immersive mind-body experience hosted by Carol herself. After a brief explanation on Tapping and how to get the most out of it, you’ll be guided through Carol’s simple 5-step process designed to help anyone – even a complete beginner – start Tapping within minutes:

Step 1: You’ll start by stating the blockage you want to work on, like “I feel unworthy of success”

Step 2: Carol will then identify the true reason behind the blockage by asking you a specific set of questions

step 3: You’ll then be shown how to create a target statement to weaken the blockage, like “I deserve success”

step 4: Next, you’ll do a gut check to measure the intensity of your blockage on a scale of 1 – 10

step 5: Finally, Carol will show you which meridian points to tap on to clear the blockage

Here is what you receive when you sign up: FREE online training program “Unlocking Your Emotional Freedom”

Highlights include:

  • A chart revealing each of your meridian points

    with guidance on how to tap on each of them and in what sequence. You can print this, stick it on your wall, and use it every time you start a Tapping exercise.
  • 5 steps to attracting more financial and career abundance with Tapping

    (hint: it’s got to do with the subconscious fears that silently sabotage you every day)
  • How to use Tapping to uncover and overcome

    past events that may be adversely affecting your present – like your high school experiences, or a traumatic memory with your first love.
  • And much more..

Get your FREE online training program ‘Unlocking Your Emotional Freedom’ and tapping audio exercise »

“ Tapping produces changes in the body’s thought and energy fields, which in turn creates changes at the physiological level, leading to reduced stress, anxiety and fear ”

- Roger J. Callahan, Ph.D.,
energy therapy pioneer

EFT (Tapping) offers great healing benefits ”

- Deepak Chopra

10 benefits of Tapping Countless clinical trials and case studies have proven the effectiveness of Tapping and energy psychology. For instance…

1Tapping instantly relaxes you

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that stimulating acupressure points through Tapping reduces blood flow to the amygdala, which leads to an increase in endorphins, an increase in soothing GABA waves and reduced cortisol levels. The result is an instant sensation of calmness, and a dramatic reduction in anxiety symptoms.

2Tapping reduces your pain

Multiple studies have shown that acupoint stimulation through tools like Tapping – even without needles – results in pain belief beyond anything achievable by conventional medication.

3Tapping is an effective treatment for your anxiety disorders

A study conducted by Dr Joaquin Andrade on 5,000 participants suffering from anxiety disorders showed that approximately 50% more patients who underwent energy psychology treatments like Tapping reported complete remission of symptoms when compared to those who underwent conventional treatment.

4Tapping reduces your stress

A recent study compared the effects of psychotherapy, no treatment and Tapping on the stress levels of 83 participants. The group of participants who went through Tapping demonstrated a significant decrease in cortisol levels, the chemical that causes stress – while the remaining two groups showed no decrease whatsoever.

5Tapping aids in your weight loss

A study on 96 obese/overweight adults by researchers at the School of Medicine in Griffith University, Australia, found that participants who were trained to use Tapping an intense reduction in food cravings. A follow-up study one year later showed persistent results, and an overall decrease in the participants’ Body Mass Index (BMI).

6Tapping helps reduce your phobias

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology in 2003 showed that one Tapping session with 35 participants was enough to demonstrate a significant decrease in specific phobias, for instance the phobia of small animals, when compared to conventional treatments like deep breathing. In follow-up tests 6 to 9 months later, those who had experienced Tapping reported even better improvements.

7Tapping positively modifies your DNA

A study conducted by the Heartmath Institute showed that when a study participant evoked strong positive emotions like love and appreciation through practices like Tapping, their DNA unwound and increased in length. Negative emotions, on the other hand, caused strands of their DNA to shorten and in some cases disappear. In other words, working with your emotions allows you to change your genetic make-up and your life.

8Tapping dramatically alleviates your Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

In a clinical trial at Marshall University Medical School, 32 war veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) were put through a series of Tapping sessions. After just 6 sessions, 87% of these subjects were cleared from any further symptoms of PTSD. As a comparison, conventional therapy typically cures only 40% of PTSD patients.

9Tapping helps overcome your fear in children

In a clinical trial of 50 Rwandan orphans who had lost their families to ethnic cleansing, one single Tapping session lasting between 20 to 60 minutes resulted in a dramatic reduction of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for 47 of the 50 participants. Similar results were seen in a study of 8 Peruvian child abuse victims, who showed a marked improvement after one Tapping session.

10Tapping significantly reduces your pain and depression

In a Swedish study, fibromyalgia patients who were given Tapping exercises reported a 29% improvement in depression symptoms and a 22% drop in pain within just 8 weeks: a result they would not have accomplished through conventional treatment.

Ready to use Tapping in YOUR life? Meet Carol Look – one of the world’s most in-demand Tapping experts…

Carol Look was one of the first practitioners worldwide to be awarded the title of Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) Master by its retired founder, Gary Craig. She’s a certified clinical hypnotherapist and a pioneer in the energy psychology field – and she’s spent over the last 20 years researching an eclectic mixture of classic psychology and energy-related disciplines like Meridian points.

In this time she’s discovered a powerful truth: that by combining these two fields into one revolutionary technique, she can help anyone use the science of Tapping to live better lives. Thousands of people come to Carol to get ahead to get ahead in their careers, break through their income glass ceilings, remove energetic blocks and improve their health and relationships – all by learning her unique version of Tapping.

Over the years Carol has helped transform hundreds of thousands of lives through her radio shows, books and DVDs. And on this page, she’s reaching out to YOU.

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What you’re getting is an ideal starter kit for experiencing Tapping and making it a part of your daily habit (plus you can share it with your friends too).

So register in the box below or on top of this page to join the community, and we’ll email your access details within minutes. Welcome to the world of Tapping!

Why is Carol giving away this audio exercise and online training program for free?

“Helping people change their lives with Tapping is my purpose. And let me tell you, the best part of my job is seeing the look on people’s faces when they see just how profoundly this simple process affects them. Giving away this free starter kit is a great way to help curious people take the jump – and I’m confident that once they do, they’ll want to continue their journey with me. So it’s a win-win situation!”

~ Carol Look


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Over 21,486 people have downloaded this free audio

Gift 1: An authentic Tapping exercise with Carol herself

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Just sit back, relax and follow Carol’s lead as she guides you through a powerful Tapping exercise for framing your personal goals. Expect sudden rushes of clarity and an unbreakable feeling of calm – all in a matter of minutes.

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This program is bursting with powerful tips for getting the most out of Tapping, and a handy chart outlining your meridian points and how to tap on them. This is an ideal sidekick for whenever you’re about to practice a Tapping exercise.

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