What can You use Tapping for?

Tapping can be used to uncover subconscious fears and other negative beliefs – as well as their sources – and clear fear-based limitations that block happiness, success and prosperity.


Releasing Flow

Everything is energy. Thoughts are energy, and thoughts have very real physical manifestations.

Think of energy flowing through your body like a river. If your thoughts are positive and optimistic, meaning you are choosing to believe in the best possible outcome and your beliefs and your goals are in alignment, your ‘river of energy’ flows very smoothly. But when you start introducing fears into that effortless flow, you are introducing negative energy. It’s like throwing rocks into the river. Over time, rocks build up in certain areas, causing disturbances and blockages. These always correspond to deeply-held fears.

You know what a turbulent river looks like. If you were to go in there and remove the rocks that cause the turbulence, the river would flow smoothly once again.

Can you imagine your life flowing smoothly even in the face of turbulence? Can you imagine yourself handling crises and everyday annoyances with grace and confidence? Can you imagine seeing your goals as achievable instead of “out there”? If you can imagine these scenarios, you can imagine the river of life flowing smoothly – and that is what Tapping helps you restore. Tapping identifies the ‘rocks of fear and negativity’ and helps you systematically eliminate them to restore free flow of positive energy.

Restore the flow, and you restore your natural state. Anytime you think you can’t, Tapping can restore the feeling of “I can.”

Benefits of Tapping Tapping has been used successfully to improve all areas of life. It is effective in:

1Releasing fear-based personal limitations

such as “I can’t have (x),” “I’m not worthy of (y),” “I don’t deserve (z)” and other self-imposed, unconscious blocks. Tapping is particularly effective at releasing fears related to abundance and relationships, since abundance and relationships are closely tied to healthy self-esteem.

2Eliminating negative habits

such as smoking, overeating and procrastinating (these are also behavioral results of fear-based beliefs). Any destructive habit can be eliminated using Tapping and new, positive habits can be introduced.

3Balancing the body’s systems

and addressing the physical and emotional manifestations of chronic stress. These can include anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, ulcers, tension headaches, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, digestive problems and more. Not only do you heal the symptoms of stress, but you do so from inside out by addressing the cause of stress: stress is a CHOICE based on habitual fear-based thinking.

4Releasing fears

such as flying, public speaking, heights and more.

The Hidden Benefit of Tapping

The hidden benefit of Tapping is that as you remove an energy blockage in one area, you support energy flow not only to that area but to others as well!

You can use Tapping to increase creativity by removing your conditioned “that’s impossible” mental blocks. This will lead to better problem-solving, improved self-esteem and ultimately more prosperity and fulfillment since you will also develop the confidence to share your ideas and ask for fair compensation for your work.

And best of all, since stress is so detrimental to physical, mental and emotional health, you can reprogram yourself to choose tranquility instead of fear. This will naturally cause you to be calmer, more centered and much happier.

The result is that more ‘rocks of negativity’ or fear won’t be introduced into your ‘river of life’.

Restoring free flow of energy and re-creating balance in the whole system (the mind-body) will open the floodgates of your greatest potential!

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