What is Tapping?

Tapping is a self-improvement and energy balancing technique. While gently stimulating specific meridian points in the body with a gentle tapping of the fingertips, spoken affirmations (verbal commands) reprogram the mind to think in terms of possibility and potential instead of limitations.



All Change Must Begin Inside

We can’t look to external sources for our abundance, health, quality relationships or life’s purpose. None of these things are “out there.” Yet we try – by changing jobs, ending old relationships and creating new ones, moving, taking up new interests, etc. Our external circumstances may appear different, but unless the underlying energy blockages and imbalances are addressed, our lives remain a manifestation of the “same problem, different location.”

We MUST get to the root of the problem and fix it there, not by trying to fix the results.

Tapping gets to the root of your problems. The philosophy behind Tapping is, “address the cause, and the symptoms disappear on their own.” Tapping helps you acknowledge the current state of affairs, identify the cause of the mindset that created them, and to reprogram the habitual thought habits that created that mindset.

Thoughts and Energy

Thoughts are are powerful energy with real consequences.

All creation begins with a thought – whether the creation is tangible or intangible. And, all thoughts have physical results.

You can experiment with this by repeating the word “fear” several times and allowing yourself to feel it – how does your body respond to that idea? Then, choose a positive word such as “happiness” and allow that feeling to emerge as you repeat the word. The physical feeling is dramatically different because you are creating a physical manifestation of the energy of that idea.

This experiment demonstrates how powerful thoughts are – and how, by changing your thoughts, you can improve your life.

An Example of Tapping vs. Traditional Affirmations


Let’s say you are having trouble making ends meet. You really want to improve your financial status. So, you try affirmations. You might say things like, “I am wealthy” and “I am a successful business owner.” But what is your focus here? The outcome. The results. You are not focused on what really causes that outcome, and those affirmations cause an internal struggle between what you want and what you believe you can have. What you believe is laden with emotions. Your emotions dictate your actions. And if your emotions say, “I am not worthy of being wealthy” then your actions will ensure that reality.

Tapping helps identify the origin of the fear and then systematically eliminates it. At the same time, the physical manifestations of the fear (energy blockages in the body) are cleared by stimulation of the meridian points. Often, once you identify why you have a fear-based limitation, you can resolve that fear and instantly remove both the emotional and physical limitation.

As you eliminate the fear and clear the blockages, you open the door to accepting the new affirmations you wish to imprint! Without laying this groundwork, affirmations are difficult if not impossible to imprint on the subconscious.

Tapping, Health and Mind-Body Connection

Healers have long known that the state of a person’s mind affects their physical state, and vice versa. Tapping is a tool that stimulates the mind-body connection in a holistic approach to physical and emotional problem-solving.

Tapping the meridian points stimulates the flow of energy (also called Chi or Prana). According to traditional Chinese medicine, energy is blocked when a person has negative feelings or mental blocks, or when they’re under a lot of stress. Quantum physics has now proven what the ancient healers have always known – that the body is not just a bunch of organs and parts! It’s an energy system, subject to imbalances and blockages from both internal and external sources. Tapping releases and rebalances this energy, leading to improved health and enabling the body to activate its natural healing capabilities.

Imagine the possibilities when blockages are removed and balance is restored – improved health, greater abundance, better relationships, higher self-esteem, improved well-being and a positive outlook on life.

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